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Loudi Xianghao Gas Co., Ltd. was established on May 8, 2005. The Loudi Municipal Bureau specially selected No.1 Xianghao Lane, Minfu Neighborhood Committee, Lianbin Office, Economic Development Zone, Loudi City for our company, and named the street after our company. The registered capital is 4 million yuan, and the annual sales revenue is over 30 million yuan. Mainly engaged in various types of compressed gases and liquefied gases (industrial oxygen, medical oxygen, carbon dioxide, food grade carbon dioxide, argon, high-purity argon, nitrogen, high-purity nitrogen, mixed gas, acetylene, propane, helium, etc.), and has: hazardous chemical certificate, dangerous goods transportation license, medical oxygen production license, gas cylinder filling license, special equipment use certificate, and special equipment inspection agency approval certificate. This is the only one in the Loudi area with complete documents!

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